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Our Open Space and Public Safety Under Threat!
Two Projects Proposed in Very High Fire Hazard Areas
Your Help is Needed!

You can help by sending a letter objecting to any approval that removes promised open space to build this hotel project or by speaking at the Planning Commission hearing on May 18th.

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Send your comments to
NC18-021 Sand Canyon Hotel Project

Tell the City it must keep its promises and follow its own zoning regulations. We oppose any approval that does not preserve the 300 acres of previously approved open space. A high density multistory hotel should not be built in a very high fire hazard zone on a two lane rural road. It will impede evacuation of existing residents and hotel visitors. Two people and many horses already lost their lives in the last big fire in this area. For more information look under the Sand Canyon Resort tab above.

Why is this important? The billionaire Los Angeles developer is proposing that the City ignore dedicated open space and allow development upon it. If such a thing is permitted, why would the City not allow development in other areas that they have promised to preserve? Is this even legal?

Here's the background (see the Sand Canyon Resort Tab for more info) - In the late 1990s the City Council approved a golf course and clustered homes in the rural Sand Canyon area with the compromise that 300 acres would be dedicated to permanent open space. Now a developer is asking to build a resort on the open space. The Sand Canyon Resort project EIR has been released, and can be viewed here.

And another project in a very high fire hazard zone.

This one proposes evacuation through an existing neighborhood residential street. Should the safety of existing residents be sacrificed to developer profits?

37 Units in a Very High Fire Hazard Zone will exit and evacuate through an existing neighborhood next to the Woodlands Significant Ecological Area.

The Project would require approximately 375,000 cubic yards of cut material, with all cut material being used as fill material within the Project site. An additional 73,000 cubic yards of over-excavation and recompaction will also be required, for a total of 896,000 cubic yards of grading. Basically, they will cut the mountains and fill the Canyon.

The comment period ends April 13th. Even if you sent a letter for last year's hearing, you must either re-submit your letter or write a new one for it to be considered in this new document and hearing process.

You can send you comments to, re: Pico Canyon Tract 74650

Public Hearing May 19th via zoom. Please get your comment letters in now.

We hope you can attend - for details go to the website below or contact the planner.

For more information regarding this application, contact Marie Pavlovic, Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning (DRP) via e-mail at or by telephone: (213) 974-6411.

See more here:

If you would like to become more involved, please contact us at

SCOPE Goals for 2021

At our January Goal Setting meeting, SCOPE members voted to focus on the following long term goals for 2021:

1) Continuing our work to preserve the Santa Clara River,
2) Protecting wildlife corridors in the SCV and promoting wildlife bridges over or under the hwy 14 and I-5 freeways to protect humans and animals. Paul Edelman, Deputy Director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, spoke at our January meeting and made suggestions as to where crossings would be important. Wildlife bridges save animals and protect humans from accidents involving animals. Watch the video here of the successful wildlife bridge over the I-80 in Utah. We need a bridge like this here to save our mountain lions, bears, etc.
3) Working to reduce plastic pollution and promoting alternatives

We will also work on other issues that come before the City and County, tracking agendas and commenting on EIRs. If you would like to become involved in any of these activities, please contact us at

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