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  Promote, protect and preserve the environment of the Santa Clarita Valley.
  Work to provide a high quality of life for residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.
  Monitor, review and take action on proposals which would impact or affect the environment.
  Provide a forum for the people of the Santa Clarita Valley in which issues involving the environment, ecology or quality of life can be heard and discussed.
  Foster the education of the members and the people of the Santa Clarita Valley on matters involving environment, ecology and quality of life.
  Promote community planning and design which exhibits superior attention to quality, aesthetics, sensitivity to the environment and consideration of community goals and needs.

SCOPE is a twenty-five year old volunteer organization serving the Santa Clarita Valley, a community of over 250,000 situated in Northern Los Angeles County. There are many issues affecting the quality of life in this valley, whose explosive suburban growth is rapidly converting miles of rustic open space directly into modern automobile oriented communities. The City of Santa Clarita, governs much of the older developments, however the majority of the surrounding area is still part of Los Angeles County, and subject to the 5th Supervisory District of Michael D. Antonovich. The County has approved projects which would effectively double the population of the valley in the next decade, and looming on the horizon is the largest single development proposal in Los Angeles County history; The Newhall Ranch Project.

SCOPE is your environmental voice on these issues. We welcome your comments --you can submit an Inquiry Form directly to our Board of Directors.

KPFK radio carried a debate between SCOPE President Lynne Plambeck and Marlee Lauffer of Newhall Land.

You can listen to the debate 42 minutes into this recording:
KPFK Debate Link

Also, the Daily News covered the prior phase vote at this link:
Daily News Newhall Ranch story
Lots of great photos!

Sign the petition to save the Santa Clara River and oppose Newhall Ranch:

Newhall Ranch, the 60,000 person city proposed for development on the Los Angeles-Ventura County line will cause significant harm to water quality and endangered wildlife and plant species. The 12,000 acre site is located on one of the most pristine reaches of the Santa Clara River, LA County's last free-flowing wild river.

The Santa Clarita is home to over 117 threatened, endangered or sensitive plant and wildlife species or communities. Of these, 18 are federally listed, two are candidates for listing and 14 are state-listed. This project would result in filling 20 miles of on-site streams and the valleys that contain them, with 208 million cubic yards of fill material taken the hill tops -that's enough soil to fill dump trucks and wrap them around the earth's equator over 3 times.

In addition, the project would channelize 5 miles of the main stem of the Santa Clara River building homes in an area where we have seen the SCR flowing during the 1983 (30-year) storm event.

SCOPE appeals approval of the 4200 unit second phase of Newhall Ranch to Supervisors -

In spite of strong protests from the community, environmental groups and downstream farmers, the County Regional Planning approved this huge tract, allowing it to move forward without addressing the increasing chloride problem in the Santa Clara River. This will once again place the costs of reducing chlorides on existing residents.

The Army Corps has still not approved a permit to alter and bank the Santa Clara River that is required for the Mission Village project. SCOPE was joined by the Friends of the Santa Clara River in an appeal that also included biology, water quality and air pollution issues.

Click here to see the appeal document.

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The time is nearing for the end of the public comment period on the sweeping planning document update known as "One Valley, One Vision," or OVOV. This joint City/County planning document will guide development in the SCV for many years to come, and deserves your scrutimy.

Don't wait until you see the bulldozers at the end of your street, or the sound of chain saws removing those trees you thoguht would be forever! By then it is too late! The first step is the OVOV plan, to be followed by individual project plans. So if you want to have the greatest impact, start early, and OVOV in the place.

Click below for SCOPE's comments ot the City and County (who illogically hold separate public forums), and send them your ideas, too.

SCOPE comments the L.A. County

SCOPE comments to the City of Santa Clarita

Lawsuit Opposes Wildlife Agency's Approval of Massive Newhall Ranch Project; Development Would Devastate Wildlife Habitat, Cultural Resources Along Santa Clara River
A coalition of five environmental and Native American groups today sued the California Department of Fish and Game over its approvals of permits for the sprawling Newhall Ranch development--one of the largest single residential development projects ever contemplated in California--proposed for 12,000 acres along the Santa Clara River in northwest Los Angeles County. Newhall Ranch would create a city of more than 60,000 on a six-mile stretch of the river that is currently mostly rugged open space and agricultural land.

Click here to read an L.A Times article describing the EPA's doubts about the Army Corp of Engineer's expected (and dubious) approval.

Click here to read the press release describing this important action.

Click here for a YouTube video with a perspective on the Henry Mayo (non-)hospital expansion.

Check out SCOPE's 2010 Holiday Card (click to open JPG file):


SCOPE is an affiliate of the California Futures Network 

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